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Calculating the right placards can quickly become a nightmare... unless you have EZ-Placard!

Using any internet connected device (smartphone, tablet, PC, scanner) running any OS (Windows, Android, iOS, BlackBerry), our mobile app will allow you to calculate the placards required, even for mixed loads and LTL using our unique "virtual truck" approach.

Key features

Main benefits


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View all the dangerous goods inside your vehicle in real-time

Not only does our system show you what placards are required, but it will also show you if certain placards can be replaced by the dangerous placards

Our system will calculate placards for both the United-States (worded placards) and Canada (non-worded placards), ensuring compliance when you cross the border

By either scanning an HSI QR Code or searching by the tracking number, easily add shipments created by your customers in EZ-Ship to your virtual truck

Creating a manual shipment is a breeze! Simply choose the correct combination of UN number, proper shipping name, class and packing group, then answer a few basic question such as the weight and the container type, and you're done!

Our system constantly monitors what's being added and ensures it's compatible with what's already inside your virtual truck to flag any segragation issues

Once a manual shipment is completely entered, you can make sure your customers will provide you with the required placards before you hit the road

In an emergency, every second counts. By accessing the Emergency Response Guide section of the app, the system shows you all the individual guides based on what's inside your virtual truck